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Research says we form an impression of someone or something within just seven seconds. For example, if we’re out shopping and are attracted to a storefront, we go inside and buy from that business. If we don’t like what we see, we vote with our feet and keep on walking.

This illustrates why first impressions matter so much when it comes to your commercial premises. The state of the outside of your building and surrounds are a direct reflection of your professionalism and how much pride you take in your business and in your staff. A dirty, poorly maintained building shows your customers you’re not invested in your business or them. However, clean, shiny premises show you care about your brand, customers and staff.

What does the appearance of your Gold Coast or Brisbane business premises say about you? Are they neat, tidy and well-maintained? Or are they overdue a professional commercial clean? If so, Excess Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Our services make the lives of commercial property owners and managers so much easier. We offer a range of professional and affordable one-stop commercial exterior cleaning solutions.

There is a higher awareness today of hygiene and cleanliness, so you may need to take additional steps to present your commercial premises to clients and tenants in a better light. Excess Cleaning can help with one-off or ongoing sanitation and disinfection strategies.

Pressure washing large commercial spaces requires professional-grade equipment and the ability to cover large areas at pace. Excess Cleaning have the right equipment, techniques and training to deliver on your next commercial cleaning project.

If you’re wanting a builder’s clean or post-construction clean, talk to Excess Cleaning. We understand the construction phases and how commercial cleaning techniques and products can affect or enhance various substrates. The quality products, equipment and techniques we use sets Excess Cleaning above many other commercial cleaners. We use pressure and Softwash techniques, Pure Water technology and ‘old school’ know-how to help transform your finished project.

We know first-hand from our clients that unfortunately things can and do go wrong. When this happens, we will get you up and running again – no matter whether its flood, fire, or foul play. Excess Cleaning are the perfect commercial cleaning partner for your disaster recovery plan.

Excess Cleaning uses a reputable range of international and locally manufactured degreaser and acid products to best treat and clean surfaces. Grease and oil spills and messy dumpster pads not only look and smell bad but also attract rodents, insects and flies. Clean and sanitise these areas with our thorough sanitise, disinfect and protect programme.

If you’re hit by graffiti, the best defence is to remove it immediately. If you’ve been vandalised, get in touch with Excess Cleaning and we’ll provide a commercial clean quickly and effectively to deter further graffiti. We can also treat surfaces with anti-graffiti sealers.

Commercial cleaning Gold Coast and Brisbane

  • Commercial cleaning Gold Coast
  • Commercial cleaning Brisbane
  • Experienced with Strata title and Strata management
  • Timed maintenance cleaning programmes, including signage and facades
  • Multi-tenant cleaning and billing
  • Fully insured, certified to operate EWP, scissor lifts and rope access work at heights
  • State-of-the-art equipment plus the latest techniques
  • Exterior cleaning systems and services on time, on budget, every time
  • Flexible work hours to suit busy shopping centres, service centres, medical facilities, schools etc.
  • Whole building wash-downs, mould and grime removal for a cleaner, healthier business environment.
  • Professionally trained in service station cleaning
  • Basement car park cleaning programmes, as one-off or scheduled maintenance, with sweeping, scrubbing, pressure cleaning or general dusting and simple wash-down
  • Best available biodegradable soaps, degreasers and solutions for a better, environmentally friendly clean
  • Complete range of cleaning solutions for commercial clients, including:
  • Pure water signage cleaning
  • Facade and hoarding cleaning
  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Loading docks and bin stores degreasing and disinfecting
  • Floor scrubbing and sweeping
  • Carpark maintenance

We are commercially-minded and understand the needs of tenants, property owners and managers alike. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed with our excellent commercial cleaning services.


Talk to Excess Cleaning today. We’ll help set a realistic time frame and budget for your commercial building exterior cleaning programme in Gold Coast or Brisbane.



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