Shade Sail Cleaning

Shade Sail Cleaning

By utilizing our specialized shade sails and awning cleaning system, we’ll return your shade structures to life and looking fresh and tidy. Shade sail cleaning uses our proven process based on years of experience. Let’s talk about some benefits of having Shade Sail Cleaning from Excess Cleaning.

  • The shade is a vital factor to increase life and make you seem more suitable in the hot weather.
  • Our cleaning services shuns the usage of acidic chemicals, harsh abrasives as these can affect the fabric’s UV protection and greatly diminish the lifespan of your shade sail.
  • Cyclic cleaning of shade sails will preserve their condition and assure longevity. Great care must be taken when cleaning, as this textile material can be easily damaged and lose its sense to block UV rays.
  • Excess Cleaning was chosen to clean the largest canvas structure on the Gold Coast at the Pacific fair. Completing the project on time, on budget with environmental and safety controls in place for a complete and professional completion of the project.
  • Our experts use a soaking process and specialized equipment to remove ingrained dirt, moss, mold, and lichen. We do not utilize harsh detergents or abrasive scrubbing that some manufacturers recommend.

Excess Cleaning is thrilled to offer you professional Shade Sail Cleaning services. We will take the problem out of replacing or maintaining your existing shade sails whether it be due to damage or impairment.

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