Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

With the incentives offered to “Go Solar” and the constant rise in energy costs Solar Panels have become increasingly popular in Australia.

Solar panels work as a photovoltaic sell which needs direct sunlight to create electrical energy. Any interruption to this light will significantly reduce the performance of your solar system. Dirt, bird droppings, grime will significantly reduce the Kilowatt output by up to 45%. Even when they look clean  from the ground and have been washed by the rain they will be below their capacity by up to 25%.

A regular maintenance cleaning program on your solar system is not only affordable but a sound investment in your energy producing program. As the cost keep rising it is in your interests to get the very most out of your solar system. Cleaning is the most successful method of maintaining the optimum capacity of your solar system. We are so confident of our statements above that if we don’t achieve a 15% increase in output we will do the job for half price. No questions asked.

Excess Cleaning utilize our water fed pole system to maintain and clean your system often from the safety of the ground leaving the system spot free, frames and all without the need to climb all over your precious roof.

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