Solar Panel/Solar Farm

Solar Panel/Solar Farm

Excess cleanings pure water and water fed pole systems is the ideal method to provide a regular maintenance cleaning program for Solar panels whether it be a residential or commercial application.

Test have proven that cleaning Photovoltaic cells with pure water systems increase the Kilowatt output performance on average 30%.

Test conducted 18th June 2013 at Burleigh Waters. Conditions Sunny at 19% C. Readings conducted within 30 minutes of each other.

250 Volts Output264 Volts Output5.6%
3.2 Amps3.8 Amps18.75%
.78 KW/H1.00 KW/H28.2 %

The key performance indicator here is the kilowatt output. This is the number that the energy company reads and pays on when you supply the energy grid.

Excess Cleaning provide a mobile service that can come to your site with a mobile water source and provide panel cleaning services to large area Solar panel farms.

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