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For most of us the family home is the biggest single financial commitment we will make. A place to nurture and build family, friendships and hopefully greater asset value over time. Most home owners pride themselves on their clean house only to fall short on the home’s exterior and driveway because they simply don’t have the equipment or know how, so why not let us get the mould, dirt, grime and grease off your house, pool deck, patio, decking, fence, driveway or retaining wall.

Don’t spend all weekend with the gurney making work for yourself in 6 months, call Excess Cleaning, the residential property cleaning experts.

Call Excess Cleaning before having your house painted even if you have selected a painter. We are cheaper and clean a lot more houses and know how and what to do and more importantly what not to do. We provide both high pressure and soft washing techniques and use biodegradable, eco friendly cleansers to achieve sparkling results on your palace.

One of our specialities is driveways. Your driveway is often part of that first impression and can determine the look and feel of your home at a glance. Not to mention safety for visitors and residents on slippery and mouldy surfaces.

We remove mould, grease, oil and dirt build-up over years of heavy traffic. Beautify your home and clean it up today. Most side-walks and front porches are free with a basic driveway cleanse. Package deals are also a great way to save. Washing external glass is a speciality also. Using water fed pole and pure water allows us to access all high and hard to reach windows, screen and frames. Pure water technology will leave your glass spot and soap scum free. Choose from our broad list the service that best suits your needs and contact us anytime.

Feel free to ask us about or other services include driveway or concrete sealing, house painting, deck painting and gutter cleaning.

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