Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Is your roof discolored, is there black staining on your roof tiles or are you in need of  repainting, pointing and capping or just a cleanup, Excess Cleaning has the right equipment to clean all types of roofs. As there are a variety of products that your roof is made from, there is also a variety of cleaning solutions.

Excess Cleaning prefer to use a “SoftWash” approach to your roofing system. By applying specifically designed biodegradable solution to your roof, we treat the mould and algae that is staining your roof. This low pressure, low impact approach is the preferred method for cleaning Terracotta Tile, Cement Tile, Asphalt Shingle and Cedar Shake roof systems.

Many manufacturers state that pressure washing roofing systems will remove valuable paint, granule and sealers and may void some warranty elements of the roofing system. We are sure you’ve seen all that costly paint being washed down the drain at some stage. That’s mostly roof paint. its also an environmental issue.

Allow Excess Cleaning  to  provide a low impact solution to your roof system for a better, longer lasting clean.

We inspect each roof and discuss your specific needs prior to pricing or planning any roof system clean.

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