Sanitise, Disinfect and
Protect System

Sanitise, disinfect and protect

Following the outbreak of COVID – 19 and the prospect of further pandemic, Excess Cleaning has devised a first response approach to providing public and private spaces a simple and affordable Sanitization and Disinfection process.

As advised by World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) it is recommended that surfaces be first cleaned and then disinfected as regularly as possible to assist in the continued fight against the spread of this viral pathogen.

Excess Cleaning’s Process consists of a Sanitizing Wash to exterior surfaces followed by an application of a recommended Quaternary Ammonia Compound (Disinfectant).

Our process



Wash all surfaces effected with a combination of EBC – Enviro Bio Cleaner multi purpose soap and Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) to break down all organic systems, remove grime and attachments such as bird dropping, nests, webs, mould, algae and general dirt. The alkaline degreasing capability also lift oils and greases to leave the surface clean and sanitized. The surface is now rinsed until thoroughly clean and free of broken-down organic matter, droppings, dirt’s etc.



Application of Quaternary Ammonia Compound solution at a ratio of 50:1 Active ingredient in solution. This is the Disinfecting stage where a mist of solution is applied generously to all surfaces and allowed to dwell for 10 minutes. Surfaces can be wiped down where required or allowed to air dry leaving surfaces now sanitized and disinfected.



As is always the case when exterior cleaning we must protect our environment and particularly water ways and storm drains. Excess Cleaning PROTECT all drains with our Hazchem absorbent Booms and Flexible Barrier and Seal Systems. Surplus water and solution will be directed to lawn and garden areas where possible. Surface runoff will be best managed at site depending on landscape, topography and surface type.

Our Sanitize, Disinfect and Protect Service does not guarantee sterilization, or 100% germ kill without laboratory testing and strict control measures. These are available at additional expense.

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